Nylon Cable Ties

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ZHECHI(ZC)was founded in 2011, is aprofessional for cable gland,cable ties,terminal block and cable clips. We are striving to become an expert and outstanding service provider in cable ties and cable gland.

We are a factory professionally produce high quality Nylon cable ties, Cable Clips,  cable gland and wiring accessories etc. Products have been widely applied in the industries of power,engine,machine tool,engineering installation,package,mechanical industry,automated equipment and communication,computer and electrics industry.In which Nylon cable ties are widely applied at other various occasions that need binding,it is used as an ideal binding material and brings great convenience to our daily life.

Zhechi is a professional manufactures of Nylon Cable Ties. There may be a lot of Nylon Cable Ties manufacturers out there, but not all Nylon Cable Ties manufacturers are alike. We constantly invest in the latest technologies and equipment to produce Nylon Cable Ties that meet our requirement for consistency and precision on an ever-improving scale. Our proven manufacturing techniques repeatedly produce Nylon Cable Ties with incredible accuracy in tight dimensional tolerances and thicknesses that exceed the limitations of other manufacturers. Our professional expertise in manufacturing Nylon Cable Ties has been honed over the past 10+ years.

Nylon Cable Ties, also called zip ties, made of nylon 6/6 material, used for fasten bundles, usually for electric industry, also it is widely use for other industry.

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