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Features of Ductile Iron Flex Check Valve


A ductile iron flex check valve, also known as a ductile iron swing check valve, is a type of check valve designed to control the flow of fluids in pipelines. Here’s an overview of its features, applications, and considerations:

Features of Ductile Iron Flex Check Valve:

1. Material Composition:

  - Ductile Iron Body: Offers strength and durability, capable of withstanding high-pressure applications.

  - Internal Components: Typically includes a disc or flapper that swings open to allow flow in one direction and closes to prevent backflow.

2. Design:

  - Swing Mechanism: Operates on the principle of a swinging disc or flap that opens against flow and closes under backflow pressure.

  - Hinge Mechanism: Incorporates a hinge pin or shaft for smooth swinging action and reliable sealing.

3. Sealing Mechanism:

  - Rubber Seating: The disc or flap is often lined with rubber or other elastomeric materials to ensure a tight seal when closed, minimizing leakage.

4. Connection Types:

  - Flanged Ends: Commonly used for easy installation and maintenance, suitable for applications requiring secure bolted connections.

  - Threaded Ends: Provides flexibility for installation in piping systems without flanges.

5. Pressure Rating and Sizes:

  - Pressure Class: Available in various pressure classes to accommodate different system requirements (e.g., ANSI class ratings).

  - Sizes: Range from small diameters suitable for residential plumbing to large diameters for industrial and municipal applications.

6. Operation:

  - Automatic Operation: Opens and closes based on fluid pressure, allowing flow in one direction while preventing reverse flow.

  - Low Head Loss: Designed to minimize pressure drop across the valve when fully open.


1. Water Distribution Systems:

  - Used in municipal water supply networks to prevent backflow and maintain system integrity.

2. Wastewater Treatment:

  - Helps control flow and prevent reverse flow in sewage and effluent treatment plants.

3. Industrial Applications:

  - Found in various industries such as chemical processing, power generation, and manufacturing to regulate fluid flow and prevent contamination.

4. HVAC Systems:

  - Installed in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure proper fluid direction and prevent system damage.

5. Fire Protection Systems:

  - Integral component in fire sprinkler systems to maintain pressure and prevent water backflow.


- Installation Orientation: Ensure correct orientation (horizontal or vertical) for proper operation.

- Maintenance: Periodic inspection and maintenance of rubber seals and moving parts to ensure reliable performance.

- Compatibility: Verify compatibility with the fluid type, temperature, and pressure conditions of the application.


A ductile iron flex check valve is a robust and reliable component used in various industries and applications to regulate fluid flow and prevent backflow. Its durable construction and effective sealing mechanism make it suitable for demanding environments where fluid control and system protection are critical. Understanding its features, applications, and installation requirements helps in selecting the right ductile iron flex check valve for specific industrial or municipal piping systems.

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