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Characteristics of Eas Circle Hard Tags


The EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Circle Hard Tag is a type of anti-theft security tag commonly used in retail stores to protect merchandise from theft. These tags utilize electronic surveillance technology to trigger alarms if an item passes through a detection system without being deactivated or removed at the point of sale. Here's an overview of the EAS Circle Hard Tag:


1. Physical Appearance: The EAS Circle Hard Tag typically has a circular or disc-like shape and is made of durable plastic or acrylic material.

2. Attachment Mechanism: Equipped with a locking mechanism that securely attaches the tag to merchandise. This mechanism usually involves a pin or lanyard that penetrates the product packaging or garment.

3. Electronic Component: Contains an electronic circuit and a small RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) or AM (Acoustic Magnetic) coil. This component interacts with the detection system at the store entrance.

4. Deactivation Feature: Some models of the EAS Circle Hard Tag may include a deactivation feature that allows the tag to be disabled or removed at the point of sale using a specialized deactivation device.


1. Theft Prevention: The primary function of the EAS Circle Hard Tag is to deter theft by alerting store personnel if tagged merchandise is removed from the store without proper authorization.

2. Alarm Activation: When a tagged item passes through the detection system at the store entrance without being deactivated or removed, the electronic component within the tag triggers an alarm, alerting store staff to a potential theft attempt.

3. Deactivation: Tags that include a deactivation feature can be disabled or removed at the point of sale using a deactivation device. This prevents the alarm from being triggered when the customer leaves the store with their purchased items.


1. Retail Stores: Commonly used in retail stores of various sizes and types, including department stores, supermarkets, electronics stores, and clothing boutiques.

2. Merchandise Protection: Used to protect a wide range of high-value or frequently targeted items, including clothing, electronics, cosmetics, accessories, and more.


1. Theft Deterrence: Acts as a visible deterrent to potential shoplifters, reducing the likelihood of theft and loss of merchandise.

2. Easy to Apply: The circular design and attachment mechanism make the tag easy for store staff to apply to merchandise quickly and efficiently.

3. Reliable Detection: Provides reliable detection of tagged items passing through the store entrance, with minimal false alarms when properly installed and maintained.


1. Cost: EAS Circle Hard Tags represent an upfront cost for retailers, but the investment is often justified by the reduction in theft-related losses.

2. Compatibility: Ensure that the EAS Circle Hard Tag is compatible with the store's existing electronic surveillance system, whether RFID or AM-based.

3. Training: Proper training for store staff is essential to ensure the correct application, deactivation, and removal of security tags to prevent inconvenience to customers and minimize false alarms.


The EAS Circle Hard Tag is an integral component of electronic article surveillance systems used in retail stores to prevent theft and protect merchandise. With its durable construction, reliable functionality, and visible deterrent effect, this security tag helps retailers reduce shrinkage and maintain profitability while providing customers with a secure shopping environment. Proper implementation, training, and maintenance are key to maximizing the effectiveness of EAS security systems in retail settings.

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