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Wire Harness processing application common sense


1. The Wire Harness is stained with tin

Once the Wire Harness is exposed to tin, it may cause the PVC to shrink under heat. In such a case, we should choose temperature-resistant PVC, and we should control the time not to be too long.

2. How to Harness the Wire Reliability Test

Generally, it is necessary to do the test of swing, lifting weight and conduction performance, etc. General swaying test conditions: swaying frequency, lifting load and swaying requirements of the minimum number of parameters. The conditions of the lifting test should include three parameters: the lifting load, the lifting time and the displacement size after the lifting weight.

3. The label is not sticky

If the Wire Harness label does not stick, then you can paste when do not use the hand directly contact the dry rubber surface, paste on a clean metal above, and then one by one to the wire above paste.

4. Insufficient tension after crimping

If the tension can not reach, you can choose from the following aspects to find the reason: terminal and wire conductor crimping range is suitable; Blade material and structure design; The material of the terminal and so on.

5. PIN off the terminal when threading the rubber shell

When wearing rubber shell often occur terminal off PIN situation, so how do we solve it? In fact, all you need is a pull-back action for each hole you insert.


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