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Water Chiller key parts repair and maintenance


Water Chiller group, compressor, expansion valve, condenser in a certain environment and use of the problem summary of maintenance methods.

1. Testing and maintenance of Water Chiller group

The compressor of the Water Chiller group will make noise when working, which may be the problem of the expansion valve. We should pay more attention to the expansion valve at ordinary times. In addition, the pipeline and condenser should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth circulation. If the suction pressure of your Water Chiller is too high, pay attention to the amount of refrigerant used. Excess or decrease can cause the suction pressure to rise, and improper adjustment of the expansion valve can also cause the suction of the Water Chiller set to change.

2. Maintenance method of condenser


Condenser is a key component in industrial Water Chiller, so, in the production process, there are often various failures. Pay close attention to the pressure of the condenser, do not add too much refrigerant, nor can there be air and non-condensable gas, otherwise it will cause the pressure of the condenser to rise, thus affecting the normal work of the condenser.


As long as the condenser of industrial Water Chiller is in normal working condition, its working efficiency will reach a very high level. Because the main function of condenser is cooling, in the case of poor working environment, it will certainly cause different degrees of pollution in the nearby environment. Only good heat dissipation effect can ensure the normal work of industrial Water Chiller's condenser. Therefore, in daily maintenance, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the condenser is volatilized in the shortest time, so as to ensure the cooling capacity of the equipment and ensure the operation safety of the equipment.


When using industrial Water Chiller, all parts should be carefully cleaned to ensure that they work properly. Especially the fins, because there is a gap between the fins, there will be a lot of dust infiltration into the fins, causing poor heat dissipation, seriously affecting the work of the condenser. Ensure that the condenser is inspected regularly after the 6 month cycle of the industrial Water Chiller set.

Because if it is used for a long time, thick dirt will be formed on the heat transfer surface of the condenser, which will be attached to the surface of the radiator. With the passage of time, the heat dissipation effect of the condenser will be affected, and it must be regularly descaled and maintained.


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