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How much do you know about the advantages of Wood Flooring?


The multi-layer Wood Flooring is made of criss-crossing multilayer boards as the base material, high-quality precious wood as the panel, which is coated with resin glue and made in hot press through high temperature and high pressure. It is not easy to deform and crack, and the dry shrinkage and expansion system is very small. It has the ability to adjust indoor temperature and humidity well. Therefore, some consumers who know the cost performance will choose multi-layer Wood Flooring. This kind of Flooring pattern is very beautiful, which not only retains the characteristics of Wood Flooring, but also the price is relatively cheap. Have you ever heard of a Wood Flooring that has so many advantages?

1. High use value

The Wood consumption of multi-layer Wood Flooring is not as large as that of Wood Flooring, and the material can be fully utilized. The multi-layer composite Flooring is all made of logs, so the foot feeling and the surface of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring are all high-grade wood, which looks the same as Wood Flooring. Compared with Wood Flooring, the price is much cheaper, so it is very cost-effective. Multi-layer Wood Flooring is suitable for geothermal heating house installation. Moreover, with the improvement of Flooring processing technology, the multi-layer Wood Flooring has a wide variety of styles and colors. Its flexible and changeable surface design changes the image of wood flooring which is the same in color and color. For the majority of consumers in the choice of wood floor has provided a variety of choices, in our country also quickly by some exquisite quality, emphasizing the artistry of the high-end consumer.

2. Easy maintenance

The multilayer Wood Flooring surfaces are well painted, wear resistant and do not require much maintenance. The use of high quality eucalyptus multilayer board, with antibacterial, mildew, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, pollution resistance, easy cleaning, no paint flavor, no fir flavor and other characteristics, the original board flat and not deformation on the market good multilayer Wood Flooring3 years can not wax, but also can keep the paint luster as new.

3. Easy installation

Solid wood composite floor and laminate floor, installation does not need to hit the keel, as long as the leveling is good, but also can improve the height of the floor. Generally speaking, 100 square meters can be completed in one day, which is much faster than Wood Flooring installation.

4. Environmental protection, good stability

Due to the unique structure of multi-layer Wood Flooring which is criss-crossed, it is very stable. Don't worry too much about the floor damp deformation, is also the best floor to install heating. Healthy and environmentally friendly multilayer solid wood, in the board forming process to avoid the more use of liquid glue, formaldehyde exists in the liquid glue, so multilayer solid wood is more environmentally friendly and healthier than plywood.


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