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How does the material of Silicone products distinguish between real and fake?


Gum products no matter how to explain, how to hide can not cover up thick compounds, but when it comes to chemicals, most of them are related to environmental hazards, plastic and rubber can not cover up, silicone rubber products are not the same. However, when it comes to chewing gum products, most of our friends are purely out of some kind of preventive psychology, so it is necessary to explain the most practical way to distinguish Silicone products from fake.

Silicone rubber differs from other kinds of rubber in its chemical composition. Mainly contains white carbon black, silicone, silicone oil, mixed curing agent, color rubber, added substances do not contain harmful compounds. However, the silicone material is pure in some fake substances. For example, Silicone products manufacturer uses low-cost raw materials to save cost, and raw material suppliers add catalysts to improve efficiency, etc. Therefore, the true identification of false and quality methods are described as follows:

1. Color:

Silicone products can be blended into different colors according to the international Pantone color code, so there is no difference in color and no defects in appearance after treatment. But the main thing is to stretch and see if the bounce is white or clear. If so, the material may belong to the ordinary material!

2. Feel:

Hand feel is very important, and Silicone products play an important role in stretch, rebound, deformation and toughness. If the above performance is achieved, the basic can be regarded as high-quality materials, generally used for high-end products and brand products such as: (brand official website silicone mobile phone case) and so on, the product is widely used!

3. Open flame burning:

This method is the most effective. Generally, high quality Silicone products are different from other rubber materials after combustion, and white smoke will appear on the surface of the silicone products after combustion. When fully burned, the product ends up as a white powder, completely colorless and odorless, while the different materials turn yellow and end up with a black residue.

Therefore, when you cannot tell whether the Silicone products in your hand are genuine or not, try several ways.

We cut off a small piece of silicone and burned it on an alcohol lamp to see what would happen. The silicone turned white on contact with the flame. The silicone will keep burning on its own, but there will be no open flame, similar to the effect of charcoal burning. Silica gel burns with white smoke, almost odorless.

After burning only white lump, slightly larger than before, but not much different. The burnt residue can be lightly pressed, resulting in a white powder, similar to flour but coarse and tasteless.


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