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How to install Ford Edge front trailer hook cover


Locate the trailer hitch hooks  locations behind the towing vehicle and in front of the vehicle being towed. Most car trailer hitch hooks are designed under the front and rear bumpers. Some cars have split trailer hitch hooks  that need to be assembled during use. After removing the cover on the bumper, you can find the hook in the vehicle tool.

2. Install the trailer tool. Regardless of whether you choose a tow rope or a tow bar, you must ensure that the connection to the trailer hitch hooks  is firm and reliable during installation. If the tow hook is designed with a safety lock, it needs to be locked in place. The soft tow rope with no tow hook installed at both ends should be tied with a slipknot. If the knot is tied and pulled by a huge traction force, it will be difficult to untie the tow rope.

Open the trunk, generally the tow trailer hitch hooks  will be in the plastic box under the spare tire where the tools are placed, and it is usually put together with the jack, just take it out.

Locate the tow trailer hitch hooks  installation location. There is a small square module between the front bumper headlight and the front bumper of the car, which is where the tow hook is installed.

Use a screwdriver to gently pry the small square module and pry off the cover of the small module.


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